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Bad News

So, to some of you, this probably won't come as a surprise. But after two years of running the game, both myself and some of my moderators are no longer interested in handling the game. For the moderators, it's a little easier to just get new ones, but because I never really made a "mod" account, it'd be a lot harder to get someone else to run the whole game.

And so, I need to hear from you guys about for suggestions about what to do. It's been a great two years, but I have other interests now and the TCG is a time commitment I can't make. As it stands now, I'll likely be closing the game within the next few weeks.
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Personally I'd really like to see the game get handed over to someone new rather than just die off entirely. :(

I'd be willing to step in and do some modly duties, running games and such.
I really enjoy this game as well and have seen the steady decline in both interest and promptness, I'd love to try to help out too, I would love for the game to continue!
i havent updated my stuff in 2+ weeks since i guess i kinda saw this coming. in the time since, there hasnt been much activity in terms of anything so i lost motivation to attempt at doing anything. it was fun while it lasted and even if theres new modship, im not optimistic about the game's future. ill stick around and see what happens before i give it all up, though. i cant be a mod to save my life but ill give a new "head mod" a chance if someone ends up taking over. if a new head mod flakes, then oh well, i guess. i can move on easily enough.
Not surprised - I was looking at the members list last night and noticed that more mods were more or less inactive than not. No enthusiasm any more - not a good sign.

You and a lot of the mods are at points in your lives when there's a *lot* of change (nothing wrong with that), so I guess I always saw this eventually happening. (Although running this game is a pretty good thing to put on your resume!)

If someone new takes over and devotes a LOT of time, the game could probably go on; if so, I'd muddle along on the edges. But it'll be hard to find that (and I definitely don't have the time). I really have no suggestions beyond that.

I wish all well, whatever happens.
I really do love this game, and think it would be a shame to let it just die out. I'd like to see it be passed on to someone else. It wouldn't be the same, but, personally, I'd love to have that job. There's probably other people who would, too.
This really doesn't surprise me. Looking back at the past weeks.
Though I must say I have been playing this game for over 2 years and I am really enjoying it. Seeing how much time I spend playing it.
So I really would like to see someone else take over.
I wouldn't mind being a mod or something if it is really needed. But I know I do not qualify in anything. But if that is what it takes to hold this game up I willing to try anything.
I can say that for me it will be rather disappointing to just end this game, since I really have fun playing it. It will be sad if it dies just like that. I personally think that it should keep going, with new mods and stuff like that. I'm willing to help.
I really hope someone new takes over. I really enjoy this game and have a ton of fun with it.

I would hate to see it just die. I will also see how, if a new head mod were to take over, it would come out. I love this game a lot! I've been playing for almost 2 years now and it just doesn't seem right to lose it.

But please do choose what you think is right and I hope that in the end something good will come out of your decision. We love this game and have made some pretty fantastic friends because of it. I think that's what is most important ^^
I agree with a lot of people that this wasn't surprising.

I would hate to see this game die. I haven't been here for very long but its really fun. So, I would also like to see someone new take this over. I would love to help in some way.

Although I can understand why, seeing as there are much more important things than a TCG. If you do close it then its perfectly understandable.

I wish you luck in your decision!
I hope that the game be handed over to a new head mod, rather than being closed down entirely.

Maybe a mod account can be made for the new mod, and then people can volunteer to help transfer the posts [[and cards?]] to the new mod account. I understand it's tedious, but I think a number of us would be happy to take on that responsibility rather than see the game end.

Regardless, I'll respect any decision you make regarding this game. :) Thank you for starting and running the TCG game!
Personally, I am willing to do whatever I can to keep this game up and running, and I think a lot of people would agree with me. ...In fact, if nobody else wanted the position, I would be more than willing to take over the game as the new head mod (or if not, a mod position for sure).

I think it would be possible to make a "mod account" now, even if you never used one before. You could just make the new account into a community moderator, and then whoever took over would just have to repost all the important things to the main community. The biggest task would be completely redoing the card community under the new name, just in case any posts ever need to be edited- it would be tedious, sure, but once it was over we could keep going as normal with a new team of mods.

One question I have for you, though- would you be okay with handing the game over to a new person? I know you've put a lot of time and effort into this game and especially its graphics, so it might be tough to pass the torch. But if you think about it on the other hand... all of that work will pretty much be discarded and lost if the game just dies.

So... yeah. I would hate to see the game die, and I would love to devote as much extra time as I have to it. Even if it means taking over myself.
I'd like to thank you for how long this TCG has continued. This is the TCG that got me into TCGs. I thank you for introducing the TCG world to me. I'm impressed at how large this TCG has grown and how long you kept at it. This TCG has by far the most number of decks I've ever seen in a TCG, and you came up with tons of unique ideas. I've said it before at one point, but each update post felt like a party to me!

I would like to see the TCG continue if you are willing to hand the TCG to someone and someone is willing to take up the task, but I personally can do little to help at the moment because I have my own TCG to run. I think co-owners who share the responsibility of maintaining the community might be a good idea (as this is one huge TCG!), along with a team of mods much like what we have now. I've seen the co-owners part happen over at Trading Academy where they switched off with updates. Like others have said, the card pages would have to be moved. Perhaps a mod account could be made and people could volunteer to post new card pages with the mod account? Are the photobucket accounts separate accounts from your personal account?

But if the TCG ends up closing, I would like to be able to turn in my certificates and master any remaining decks I can for closure. This TCG had a great run. I would hate for it to end on an abrupt note.
*deleted my previous comment typed from a PSP in order to post a better comment from an actual computer that doesn't have a dumb character limit*

As with most other people, I can't really say I'm surprised to see this.

I'd really hate to see this die. It would be one year since I joined this month and it's been such a fun experience. That said, I am totally willing and perfectly happy to help keep this going under a new team. I've always wanted to get involved somehow. (Hell, I even had the audacity to message tsunderes about helping make decks)

Basically, I'll take up any responsibilities that need someone to do them, if you'll have me. I can definitely make new decks (I've got like ideas for 10+ at the moment), though admittedly my genre interest is rather limited so there'd be a somewhat concentrated focus as far as series go. Then again, I assume that you don't just draw deck ideas from what you know yourself. It's not like one person knows all the series and characters out there.

The co-owner idea mentioned before sounds good to me. It certainly would help with the workload and time commitment. As far as anything involving the particulars of LJ communities/mod accounts, I can't really offer any ideas, I'm not familiar enough with them.

Of course, any tasks would have to wait until I get my laptop back (which should hopefully be within the next week or so). Otherwise, I can't really devote a substantial amount of time to it. Not to mention I wouldn't have access to Photoshop.
Just chiming in to agree with the rest of the comments. I'd hate to see this TCG die, and if you're willing to pass it over to new moderators I'm sure people would be happy to at least attempt to keep it up and running.