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Anime LJ TCG friending meme

the [ ANIMELJTCG ] friending meme

It was a good run, y'all. I hope you had as much fun as I did, and made tons of friends. Many of us are connected only through this game, and since it's gone, how 'bout we friend these people now?





So after giving it some though through a pretty stressful week, I've decided that this game has had its run. Getting a new head mod and set of moderators was always an option, even if it would be a lot of work for them, but the real reason that I was so reluctant to hand the game over is because, well, it was mine. It's weird to describe, but I've always felt a bit proud for coming up with the idea, moderating, and everything in between. Watching peoples' glee as I made the cards for updates was always a lot of fun, but two years later, I'm not really even into anime and manga as much as I was. To be honest, I've found that American comics are my new love, actually. Go figure.

But it's time for both me and my moderators to move on to other things. I especially apologize to those of you that have joined recently, and those of you that have been around since the game started. Your support is what the game open so long, and I was glad to have it. Thank you to all of my members throughout these two years for making the game as great as it's been. It's been a fun two years and I've met so many people through this game!

I hope my members have had fun and I know this will disappoint a lot of people, but if you'd like to start your own TCG based off of this one? Go ahead! You have my blessings. I hope that all of you had a good experience here!

Bad News

So, to some of you, this probably won't come as a surprise. But after two years of running the game, both myself and some of my moderators are no longer interested in handling the game. For the moderators, it's a little easier to just get new ones, but because I never really made a "mod" account, it'd be a lot harder to get someone else to run the whole game.

And so, I need to hear from you guys about for suggestions about what to do. It's been a great two years, but I have other interests now and the TCG is a time commitment I can't make. As it stands now, I'll likely be closing the game within the next few weeks.
Fuu//Shiiiny Fuu~*A*

Anime Trivia Round121

Sorry for lateness; I was not at home for the weekend. :(
In the manga, Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu, what is Hibino doing when Miho asks her to be her friend?

Note: This is when Miho sincerely and honestly asks her to be friends.

Corrects answers will get 3 random cards if they're posted by March 8, 2010.

Last round was Shizuo and Simon.

Guess Who 38

I happened to find a little scrap of paper in my desk with something scribbled on them. Each one seemed to be a clue to the author's identity, but I couldn't figure out who it was, even though they all sounded really familiar! If you can figure out who it is, I'll give you 3 random cards! Get your answers in before Match 3rd 2010. But here's what was written on the piece of paper:

"I may be a klutz, but I'll do everything I can to make the people around me have a better quality of life"

all comments screened, good luck! You still have another day for the last set of rounds.
The answers for last weeks rounds are
35: Reimu Hakurei from Touhou Project
36: Neji Hyuuga from Naruto
37: Meiling Li from Cardcaptor Sakura

The common link between all three was that the Yin Yang symbol appears with something for all three of them. Reimu's Hakurei orb takes it's appearance, it appears during Neji's 8 trigrams 64 palms jutsu, and on Meling's battle outfit.

Analogies 34

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an analogy is "a resemblance in some particulars between things otherwise unlike". It's a way to compare two things, and these were all to common on the SAT a few years ago. Now, though obsolete on the standardized test, they're a good way to test your knowledge of a subject and see the comparisons between them. So let's apply this to anime, manga, and video games!

For example: "Kon is to lion as Mieu is to ______."

The correct answer would be Cheagle because the comparison between the two characters is what kind of "animal" they are. The two characters in the analogy will at least be from decks in the game, but they're not always going to be obvious things!

"Yachiru is to Shinigami as Mizore is to _____."

Get the right answer and you score three random cards! I need those answers in no later than March 2nd, 2010! all comments are screened!

Last round was England is to tea as Meiko is to sake (I think)
Hiruma//Risky business

Anime Trivia Round120

Alright I started a new anime, so yay for new material!
In the anime, Durarara!!, who hits Izaya with a trash bin? Essentially, this starts a fight between said person and Izaya, but someone interrupts the two and "saves" the day. Who is this?

Two part answer; each is worth 3 random cards (you can get a possible 6). Round closes February 28, 2010.

Guess who 35, 36, 37

I happened to find a little bundle of papers in my desk with something scribbled on them. Each one seemed to be a clue to the author's identity, but I couldn't figure out who it was, even though they all sounded really familiar! for each character you can figure out, I'll give you 3 random cards! Also if you can figure out all three characters AND as a bonus explain what all three have as a common theme then I'll throw in a star on top of the random cards, making the maximum prize 9 random cards and a Star! Get your answers in before February 25th 2010 this round is closed!. But here's what was written on the pieces of paper:

Round 35
"Whenever I have a duel with somebody, I created a system where the winner is whomever has the prettiest attack. It also makes the playing field equal for everybody and if I lose nothing bad will happen to me, aside from some embarrassment."

Round 36
"In the past I once thought that all life was forever bound by an unchanging fate, but after someone I thought of as a failure could change his destiny, then a genius like me should be able to as well"

Round 37
"I am quite the accomplished martial artist, and I proclaimed myself engaged at a young age because he took the time to rescue my bird after it escape from it's cage. He only agreed to the engagement at the time because I forced him to."

all comments screened, good luck! Also please be sure you note each name goes with the correct round!

Last time was Suguri Miyauchi from Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs!

Matching 65

So I found a box on the side of the road. I opened it and found these cards sitting there. If you currently have any of these cards, link me to them and I'll give you some more cards! The more you match, the better the prize. But you have to show the proof before March 11th 2010 to get the rewards!

Sanc06 Twins17 Akasha03 Sakujo13 Innocence03
Sanc06, Twins17, Akasha03, Sakujo13, and Innocence03

But because I missed two weeks of weekly games, I'm adding something extra to this as well! If you have the following card, Mural11 then you will get a gold cert. This card does not count as a match with the others, so if you have for example Twins17 and Mural11 that will still only be counted as one.
Bonus! Mural11

Collapse )

Good luck! Remember that cards pending in the cert exchange are not counted as having the card.


So, Final Fantasy XIII comes out in just under two weeks. I'm really exited for it, and because I'm so exited, you can have 3 random cards! I'm adding an extra to both make up for not posting my weekly games the past couple of weeks, and because I'll be playing Final Fantasy XIII so handing out the prizes for this round will likely be delayed. This round will close March 10th 2010 so remember to comment before then!