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Level Up

Congrats, [party member] has leveled up!
If you've leveled up, please COPY+PASTE the following and fill it out:
How High can you Go?
Level 0 | Pending
Level 1 | 1-100 cards
Level 2 | 101-200 cards
Level 3 | 201-300 cards
Level 4 | 301-400 cards
Level 5 | 401-500 cards
Level 6 | 501-600 cards
Level 7 | 601-700 cards
Level 8 | 701-800 cards
Level 9 | 801-900 cards
Level 10 | 901-1000+ cards

The max you can be is Level 10 but for every 100 cards after that, you can get a prize :9
Your Reward
*Updated as of: 03/30/2009

For Levels 1-5: 2 random cards and one choice card/bronze cert
For levels 6-9: you get 3 random cards and one choice card or bronze certificate.
For level 10 plus every hundred cards you gain after reaching level ten, you get 4 random cards and one choice card and bronze certificate"

EVERY level up gets TWO stars!

If you want a special card as a choice, you have to level up twice. :]
Threading = Bad
This means don't reply to your comment with a card change. Don't worry, you WILL get the card that you asked for. However, if for some bizarre reason you happen to get the card or you made a mistake in your request, just delete your comment and redo it. I will more than likely skip it by accident if you thread, so don't.
In case I make a mistake
It might happen. If it does and it hasn't been noticed by me, feel free to just point it out nicely and I will get back to you! I make mistakes so it might happen so don't be rough with me if does ;n;!
Once you receive your prize, please go to this post and update your level information!
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