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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q:What are puzzle cards worth?
A: Puzzle cards are worth the same as special cards.

2. Q:When you play a game, when do we receive our prizes?
A: You receive your prizes when or slightly before the next round of that game is produced.

3. Q:What happens if I get a double of a card?
A: Then you have two of the same card.

4. Q:After I master a deck, what happens to those cards?
A: You’re stuck with those cards forever. You cannot trade them, but they do count in your overall card count. You may remove the cards to save space, but you must keep your master badge posted.

5. Q:If I guess wrong on a game, can I guess again?
A: Nope, one guess per round!

6. Q:What qualifies as a trade log?
A: A trade log is defined in the About section as a log of any card you gain or lose, so this includes not only trades, but games and freebies as well.

7. Q:If I get a puzzle card or special card in the randomizer when the reward is one card, what do I do?
A: Please delete the card and save a different card until you get a normal card.

8. Q:If I get a puzzle card or a special card when the reward is two cards, what do I do?
A: Then you have your two cards! If it is three, then you can save one more normal card.

9. Q:I donated deck names, but they didn’t get used! Why?
A: There could be a variety of reasons for this. The most common is simply not fitting on the card well. I can only fit at most about 7 letters, so any more than that is not going to fit, or sometimes even less than that depending on the letters in the word. It also could be that I don’t find it representative of the character or it’s a repeat! That’s why you should always donate deck names, because I like a pool to pick from.

10. Q:What does ??? mean on the donating page?
A: This usually is for the deck names, but it means that there is nothing thought of in the respective field for that character yet. SO TELL ME!

11. Q:Where do I ask questions?
A: Hm, this seems like a good place. Questions get lost in other posts. You can also email me at ( [#=@]) if it’s something confidential.

12. Q:If I see someone I think is cheating, what do I do?
A: Report it to tsunderes or another moderator.

13. Q:I have a question that isn’t on here!
A: Then just comment here with your question! I know I’m missing some things.

14. Q:When we're trying to level up, is it card COUNT or card VALUE that matters?
A: It's card count, not value!

15. Q:What do you do with discontinued cards (like the Oni deck) or cards that have been/will be changed for whatever reason (like the Moon/Luna deck)?
A: They will/have had directions in news posts on what to do with them.

16. Q:If we are going to go on hiatus, where do we give notice that we are?
A: Right here.

16. Q:When submitting images, what kind of images do you want?
A: Good question! Now, for this, we're going to use my favourite character, Diva from Blood+.
GOOD: One, Two, Three, Four
BAD: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Here's why the good images can be used to make a good card.
1) This is ideal. I want to see the character's face as well as their shoulders.
2) Manga is fine too. Just make sure it isn't doujinshi (fan-made). However, avoid using black and white images unless you cannot find another, color image.
3) This is fine too, but any closer than this would usually make a bad card. At the very least, I want to see their neck.
4) High resolution is the best. They make nice images, good banners, and everything else. If you can find high resolution images of your character, please include them.

Here's why the bad images cannot be used to make a good card.
1) There's so much going on in this picture that it's hard to crop her well for a card.
2) Aw, she's adorable. However, this is fanart! No fanart.
3) There's text over her face! Make sure that subtitled or opening/ending images are free of text.
4) As nice legs as she has, this is not a good choice. I want to see their face.
5) Let's see their face! No backs!
6) Make sure that the character is the focus of the image. When she's this small, it won't turn our very well.
7) Make sure the images are good quality. We don't want any strange screenshots or bad art.
8) Make sure that you have the right character! This is Diva's twin sister Saya.

17. Q:When In the news posts, when you give out cards, is it card count or value?
A: Value~

18. Q:What font do you use on the cards/banners?
A: Redensek, size 8 with a one pixel black border.

19. Q:Can we master a deck more than once?
A: Uh, I guess if you really want to.

20. Q:On the certificate post, do we wait for a reply or can we just take them?
A: At the moment, you can just take them, but this might change soon.

21. Q:Can you make a deck and email it to you to see what you think and you can choose to release it to the public or not?
A: No.

22. Q:Is there a place where all the blank cards are so that you can show which ones you are pending for or even searching for?
A: Yes, but not on the main community. These are made by individual users.

23. Q:If your name was not mentioned in the latest news post for birthdays, but your birthday is in that month, would we still be allowed to take our badge and cards?
A: Absolutely! But please make a note of it.

24. Q:I quit a while ago. Can I join again?
A: Of course! However, you are starting from square one and cannot have your previous cards/masteries back.

25. Q:Is there a list that you keep of decks you are planning on putting out?
A: Ughhh not anymore. It's too much of a pain to maintain.

26. Q:I have seen some users have a "team" banner. Is there a rule about making a team, like how many people can use it and what name can be used, or is it completly free for users to be creative about it?
A: These are just small groups of players that are playing "together". They should not be sharing answers to games, but they often participate in more exclusive trades (such as saving certain cards for members of their "teams"). It's just a community within a community, kind of.

27. Q:How can I become a moderator?
A: The simple answer is that you cannot. Moderators are invite-only, and applications only go up when we need them. So unless we get a sudden influx of activity, we likely won't need anymore.

28. Q:In the card directory, what does the "Location" bit mean?
A: That's just for my and other moderators' reference so we can link to cards a bit more easily. Since there's close to 30 different albums in three different Photobucket accounts, this is just for ease of organization.

29. Q:Are certificates counted towards our card count or not?
A: They are not. They have a card count of zero.

30. Q:What is the purpose of the randomizer?
A: There are some games that give you random cards if you win.
If you win, and you get, lets say, 3 random cards, the person that's hosting that game will probably reply with 5 cards from the randomizer, you save 3 of them (they'll be random. they wont be the ones you think you're saving) and then upload them to see which you got. (Thanks rainney_chan!

31. Q:You suck and I hate you.
A: ;-;
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