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anime_lj_tcg is an online Trading Card Game based on Livejournal! That's simple enough. The concept is that you play little games and other activties to earn pixels shaped like trading cards of your favorite anime, manga, and video game characters. If you've never played a TCG before, this is what you need to read.

The online concept of TCGs was created several years ago by a now since dead game. However, it's spread across the Internet, and you can find many. Most online TCGs require something that's often a bit hard for some potential players or scares them off; webspace. Webspace is easy enough to get nowandays, but in June of 2007, I thought that translating this idea to Livejournal would be awesome, because then all you need is basic HTML knowledge; no further webspace than a Livejournal required.

This TCG is dedicated to characters from anime, manga, and video games. There are over 25,000 individual cards from over 250 different series, making anime_lj_tcg not only the original Livejournal-based TCG, but also the largest TCG in general.
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The concept of the game is to collect em' all! The more cards you have, the higher "level" you are. The levels are as follows;
Level 0 | Pending
Level 1 | 1-100 cards
Level 2 | 101-200 cards
Level 3 | 201-300 cards
Level 4 | 301-400 cards
Level 5 | 401-500 cards
Level 6 | 501-600 cards
Level 7 | 601-700 cards
Level 8 | 701-800 cards
Level 9 | 801-900 cards
Level 10 | 901-1000+ cards

You can get some nifty banners here, but after level 10, you can either chose to keep your Level 10 badge forever, or continue making badges for every 100 cards. As you level-up, you obviously have gained cards and can trade them off to other members to get a complete deck. When you do this you get a master banner too!

DECKS | Decks can be found at the directory, which is organized by series. However, all cards are posted at the community animeljtcgcards.
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There are tons of ways to gain cards! Here are the basic ones;

JOINING | Upon joining, you will receive three random cards from your choice deck and ten cards from random decks. Posting your starter deck then replying to your acceptance post will earn you one random card, as well as place you on the members list at level one.

GAMES | There are lots of games offered by the moderators that will give you cards when you complete them correctly. Some are harder and require anime/manga knowledge while others are simple and fun games that anyone can accomplish with a little time. You can only play the games once per round, and they tend to have their own rules and rewards. However, you receive your cards through the randomizer, no matter what. Basically, just save the card that comes up, then check it where you saved it. It will be different from the image you saved, but this is normal. Just rename to your liking and you're good.

LEVEL UP | For Levels 1-5 you get 2 random cards and one choice card or a bronze certificate. For levels 6-9 you get 3 random cards and one choice card or a bronze certificate. For level 10 plus every hundred cards you gain after reaching level ten, you get 4 random cards and one choice card and a bronze certificate

MASTERING | There are two types of decks in the TCG; normal and special decks. Normal decks are in sets of 20, but special decks (save for a few) are in sets of 10. Don't worry, special cards not only look different, but are marked differently on their page as well. For mastering a normal deck, you will receive one choice card OR bronze certificate, and two random cards. For mastering a special deck, you will receive one bronze certificate, one choice card, and two random cards.

BIRTHDAYS | To celebrate your birthday, you recieve a custom badge for the month, three random cards from the randomizer, and one card of choice! These are rewarded on update posts, so don't expect to get the prize the month of your birthday.

FREEBIES | This is why people really like updates. Every update, decks are released, and from these decks, you get to pick a certain amount to take for free! The rules are posted on the update posts, so you won't need to worry about this.
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After you get some cards, you can start trading with other members. Just check out the member's list and see what cards they want. If you have something to trade, click on the link to their card post and politely offer a trade! Several members have their card posts split up into mutiple posts, so make sure not to miss them! Wait patiently for them to reply with a yes or a no to your offer. If yes, then they will reply with the card you requested, and you can reply with yours in turn. However, both of you should REMOVE the card that you traded away. Be sure to note this in your trade log!

A trade log is simply a written record of all the cards you've earned, whether through updates, games, or trading. Please be detailed, since this is how we check for consistency, and you can be penalized for keeping a poor trade log.
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CARD EXCHANGE | Got some cards you just can’t trade off or some doubles you just don’t want? This is for you, then! You can trade off those dirty cards for brand new, pretty ones! The specifics are at the post itself, but this is where you can get rid of cards that you've been sitting on forever.

CARD GRAVEYARD | Related to the above, this is where all the cards you pawn off go. The actual graveyard is located here, but this is just a huge compliation of images. You can claim four cards a week.

QUIT/HIATUS | Another source for the Card Graveyard is a member quitting. When you quit, all your cards go to the Graveyard. As such, they cannot be retrieved if you change your mind, whether you have your log or not! However, if you'll be away for a period of time (meaning, a week or more), comment here to let the moderators know so that you won't be swept for inactivity.

CERTIFICATE EXCHANGE | Now, you've heard a lot about certificates, but you must be wondering what they're for. There are three levels of certificates, and they can be traded for certain amounts of cards. The bronze certificate is worth one choice card. The silver certificate is worth two choice cards. The gold certificate is worth one special choice card.

NAVIGATION | Navigation is found (currently) within the layout.

If there are any questions, direct them here. However, after you finish reading the FAQs, you're welcome to join!
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