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Based on Divinity's Adopt a Bishonen, this is a "game" where you can get some cool perks by "collecting" special cards of characters. By collecting stars in the game, you can then adopt a character and get a cool ability to go with it, such as taking an extra choice card when you master a deck, or getting double the rewards for a particular game when you get it right. It's not easy to get these certificates, but once you do, the effects are permanent.

This is where you can adopt a character! Well, so to speak anyways. You can even chose what kind of skills you want them to have, and once you've gained enough stars, you can cash them in to adopt your chosen character. Confused? Keep reading;


Your first step towards adopting your favorite character is to gain stars . You have to keep track of these yourself, though! In the table below is a list of ways which you can gain these stars.



Leveling Up 2
Special Deck Master 2
Regular Deck Master 1
Winning the Lotto 2
Getting all Scrambler Answers Correct 2
Moderator Pay 2 monthly
Matching 2+ Cards in "Matching" 1
Picking a Winner from "Pick a Card" 1
Contributing to Community varies

Now, that last one might seem odd to you, but that one basically boils down to helping out when its needed. An example is darkranger, who recommended the randomizer solution for us. These are only distributed through tsunderes, however, and the amount is up to her. Moderators also get two stars every month they work.


Now to get to the cool part. After you get enough stars to purchase a card, you get to pick the skill you want your character to have. These skills are permanent, but these cards can not be traded for anything, and neither can the stars.

Each star on the card is worth 10 stars. So, if you want to buy a card with four stars, you'll need to have gained 40 stars in the game.You can buy as many cards as you want, but you can only have one of each skill. So even if these characters are different, you can't take two cards with the same ability to double your reward, sorry.

The skills currently available are listed below. Roll over each card for the card number, and include this number in the "Card Number" section on the purchase form.


Now, what do each of these specifically mean, you ask? Don't worry my friends, I figured you'd be confused.

1) Request a deck: If you pick this skill, then include an extra section in your form with a character's full name and the series they're from. They'll be included in the next update. The bonus is that you can do this after every news post. Just come back to this post after the news post and comment with your new character request.

2) Request a usercard: This is one time only, but you can request a usercard as in the Christmas posts. Just include the following form in your skill card application:
Image: URL Here
Name: Username or Nickname Here

3) Take an extra, random card from "Analogies": Every time you get a correct answer from the game analogies, you can take one more random card than directed. So if the reward is two random cards, you get three random cards.

4) Double the reward for "Guess Who": Every time you get a correct answer from the game "Guess Who", you can double your reward. If the reward is three random cards, you get six random cards.

5) Special cards are worth "1" card: If you get this skill card, you can take any special card and it will have a card value of a regular card. So if you have a reward for a game for three random cards, you could take three, random special cards instead of one special card and one normal card.

6) Request a special deck: If you pick this skill, then include an extra section in your form specifying what kind of deck you want (Puzzle, OP, ED). If it's a puzzle deck, include a link to an image with a high resolution, and if it's an OP/ED, give me the name of the song, and the anime it's from.

7) Get one, extra choice card from mastering: When you master a deck, you can take two choice cards instead of one. Specify that you have this skill card in your mastery form.

8) Take two, random cards every week: Every week, you can take two random cards from the randomizers. So if you receive your skill card on Wednesday, every Wednesday, you get to take two random cards. Just note this in your log.

9) Double the reward for "Scenic Route": Every time you get a correct answer from the game "Scenic Route", you can double your reward. If the reward is three random cards and a bronze certificate, you get six random cards and two bronze certificates.

10) Double the level-up reward: With this skill card, your level-up rewards are as follows:
For Levels 1-5: 4 random cards and 2 choice cards/bronze certs
For levels 6-9: you get 6 random cards and two choice cards or bronze certificates.
For level 10 plus every hundred cards you gain after reaching level ten, you get 8 random cards and two choice cards and two bronze certificates

11) Take a choice card every week: Every week, you can take one card of choice. So if you receive your skill card on Wednesday, every Wednesday, you get to take one card of choice. Just note this in your log.

12) Take double the certificates offered: No matter where in the game this is, if you get a certificate as a reward, you can take double the amount offered. So if you get offered a silver certificate as a reward, you get to take two of them.

13) Take two, extra random cards for every game: For every game you answer correctly, you get to take two random cards in addition to whatever the prize was. Just note this in your log.

14) Take five more cards from news posts: Every time I update with decks, you get to take five more cards. Just make this a separate section so I know. In addition, these five cards can be from any of the new decks in any combination. So you can take five cards from the same deck if you want.

15) Take an extra star every time it's offered: Every time you get a star as a reward, you can take one extra with this skill card.


As a bonus, you get to chose the character you want to adopt! There are only a few rules about who you can purchase:
1) Must be from a manga, anime, or game
2) Characters cannot be adopted twice. Meaning, if someone has already adopted Sora from Kingdom Hearts, no one else can claim that character. However, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles!Syaoran and Card Captor Sakura!Syaoran can be two different claims.
3) Your image must include only this character, and no one else. It also must be at least 250 x 250 pixels. Once you submit the form, I'll reply with your card within the week. However, you can only start claiming your reward(s) after I have replied to you.


Name: Nickname / yourusername
Card Post: Here
Card Number: # in rollover
Character Name/Series: Full name / Full Series
Link to Image: Here
Points Used: Number of stars on card you want x 10


Here is a list of all claimed characters. These characters are not for adoption, but can be examples. Mouse over the card to view its owner and the character's name and series. Cards are ordered alphabetically by character.

Alfred F. Jones (America) ~ Axis Powers Hetalia | Adopted by (kirkland)   Ancient Rome ~ Axis Power Hetalia | Adopted by (chibiyaoichan)   D ~ Vampire Hunter D | Adopted by (kikai7)   Death the Kid ~ Soul Eater | Adopted by (death_the_kid)   Diva ~ Blood+ | Adopted by (tsunderes)
Dietrich von Lohengrin ~ Trinity Blood | Adopted by Christy (tsunderes)   Gigi ~ Ristorante Paradiso | Adopted by Christy (tsunderes)   Godot ~ Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney | Adopted by Nikki (headshot)   Hawkeye of Navarre ~ Seiken Densetsu 3 | Adopted by Elaine (accountingwitch)   Izumi Konata ~ Lucky Star | Adopted by (caitirin)
Jack Atlas ~ Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's | Adopted by Zags (00zags)   Johnny Rayflo ~ Vassalord | Adopted by Remus (stopping)   Kanji Tatsumi ~ Persona 4 | Adopted by Chikky (chikky2k5)   Momo Hinamori ~ Bleach | Adopted by (qwertysaur)   Natsu Dragneel ~ Fairy Tail | Adopted by Arc (arc_kun)
November 11 ~ Darker than Black | Adopted by (stopping)   Gilbert Weillschmidt (Prussia) ~ Axis Powers Hetalia | Adopted by Celi (haruhara)   Raven ~ Tales of Vesperia | Adopted by (nyarmar)   Rider ~ Fate/Stay Night | Adopted by Christy (tsunderes)   Rin Asogi ~ Mnemosyne | Adopted by Christy (tsunderes)
Roy Mustang ~ Fullmetal Alchemist | Adopted by Nikki (headshot)   Roxas ~ Kingdom Hearts | Adopted by Abby (rokeru)   Sora ~ Kingdom Hearts | Adopted by (qwertysaur)   Sho Minamimoto ~ The World Ends With You | Adopted by Nikki (headshot)

((Hold off on any questions until I finish posting the necessary things!))
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