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Matching 65

So I found a box on the side of the road. I opened it and found these cards sitting there. If you currently have any of these cards, link me to them and I'll give you some more cards! The more you match, the better the prize. But you have to show the proof before March 11th 2010 to get the rewards!

Sanc06 Twins17 Akasha03 Sakujo13 Innocence03
Sanc06, Twins17, Akasha03, Sakujo13, and Innocence03

But because I missed two weeks of weekly games, I'm adding something extra to this as well! If you have the following card, Mural11 then you will get a gold cert. This card does not count as a match with the others, so if you have for example Twins17 and Mural11 that will still only be counted as one.
Bonus! Mural11

Here are the prizes for the number of matches.
1 match = 1 random card
2 matches = 3 random cards and 1 star
3 matches = 3 random cards, a Bronze cert and 1 star
4 matches = 4 random cards, a Bronze cert and 1 star
5 matches = 4 random cards, a Silver cert and 1 star

Good luck! Remember that cards pending in the cert exchange are not counted as having the card.
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