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Guess who 35, 36, 37

I happened to find a little bundle of papers in my desk with something scribbled on them. Each one seemed to be a clue to the author's identity, but I couldn't figure out who it was, even though they all sounded really familiar! for each character you can figure out, I'll give you 3 random cards! Also if you can figure out all three characters AND as a bonus explain what all three have as a common theme then I'll throw in a star on top of the random cards, making the maximum prize 9 random cards and a Star! Get your answers in before February 25th 2010 this round is closed!. But here's what was written on the pieces of paper:

Round 35
"Whenever I have a duel with somebody, I created a system where the winner is whomever has the prettiest attack. It also makes the playing field equal for everybody and if I lose nothing bad will happen to me, aside from some embarrassment."

Round 36
"In the past I once thought that all life was forever bound by an unchanging fate, but after someone I thought of as a failure could change his destiny, then a genius like me should be able to as well"

Round 37
"I am quite the accomplished martial artist, and I proclaimed myself engaged at a young age because he took the time to rescue my bird after it escape from it's cage. He only agreed to the engagement at the time because I forced him to."

all comments screened, good luck! Also please be sure you note each name goes with the correct round!

Last time was Suguri Miyauchi from Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs!
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