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So after giving it some though through a pretty stressful week, I've decided that this game has had its run. Getting a new head mod and set of moderators was always an option, even if it would be a lot of work for them, but the real reason that I was so reluctant to hand the game over is because, well, it was mine. It's weird to describe, but I've always felt a bit proud for coming up with the idea, moderating, and everything in between. Watching peoples' glee as I made the cards for updates was always a lot of fun, but two years later, I'm not really even into anime and manga as much as I was. To be honest, I've found that American comics are my new love, actually. Go figure.

But it's time for both me and my moderators to move on to other things. I especially apologize to those of you that have joined recently, and those of you that have been around since the game started. Your support is what the game open so long, and I was glad to have it. Thank you to all of my members throughout these two years for making the game as great as it's been. It's been a fun two years and I've met so many people through this game!

I hope my members have had fun and I know this will disappoint a lot of people, but if you'd like to start your own TCG based off of this one? Go ahead! You have my blessings. I hope that all of you had a good experience here!
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