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Rule 1: Requirements to Join
As a prospective member of the trading card game, a few things are required. Every prospective player must have a place to host all cards that they gain (such as Photobucket), a Livejournal account, a post specifically for their cards, and a working email address. Hotlinking from the game is strictly forbidden, and it will result in a fine of cards up to, but not to exceed 10 cards.

Rule 2: Cheating
No cheating at all at any time. Cheating includes, but is not limited to the following offenses:
· Asking for game help anonymous forums (4chan, iichan, etc.)
· Asking for game help on forums or blogs of any kind · "Sharing answers" among players
· Altering card logs (See Rule 3)
· Randomizer forgery

Cheating is a zero-tolerance policy, and if you are caught, you will be banned permanently.

Rule 3: Altering Records, Misrepresenting Information, Forgery
Misrepresenting your card logs is a bannable offense. Recieving unfair amounts of cards through randomizers by claiming that you recieved those cards fairly, when in actuality you were repeatedly saving cards until you got a favourable one is an example. Changing your logs to better suit your gain of cards is also included.

Rule 4: Time Constraints
To stay a member of the TCG, you must be an active member. Meaning, you must update you card post at least once a month, or you will be dropped. You also have one week after receiving your starter deck to reply with your card post or you application will expire. If you are going on an extended hiatus of seven days or more, post in the Hiatus post so we know not to drop you.

Rule 5: Rude and/or Disrespectful Behavior
Rude and disrespectful behavior towards moderators and/or any other players is a serious offense. There are three strikes with a penalty of card fines before you will be banned from the game. Disrespectful behavior includes, but is not limited to the following:
· Harassing other players to trade a card
· Harassing moderators to update. Reminding them is fine, but please note the way in which you say things. If a moderator takes offense, then you can be fined.
· Reporting errors outside of the Error Reporting post

Rule 6: Refusal to Accept Action
Refusal to comply with whatever punishment that has been given will double your fine. If you still do not comply, you will be banned.

Rule 7: Cumulative Offenses
Combinations of any of the above can result in a card fine, or even a ban depending on the offenses.
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