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Card Exchange

RULES UPDATED 06-03-2009

Got some cards you just can’t trade off or some doubles you just don’t want? This is for you, then! You can trade off those dirty cards for brand new, pretty ones!

These are the rules of the game! Old/current members, the rules have changed! Please read them.
- You can choose from four "deals" to trade:
    1. You can trade in all six at once for six new, random cards.
    2. You can trade in all six at once for two cards of choice.
    3. You can trade in all six at once for three random cards and one card of choice.
    4. You can trade them individually or in groups throughout the month. Meaning, you can trade one card and get a random card, then a week later, trade in three cards for one of choice, and then you still can trade in two cards later in the month.

If you are doing deal one, two, or three then you can only trade in once a month. For deal four you can still only trade in six cards total.

- When you've decided, specify which deal you want when commenting.

- When posting your cards to trade, you no longer need to specify the card name/number. Graveyard is gone, the cards you donate go nowhere now.

- When asking for choice cards, please put both the card name/number and the series it is from (and it's extra helpful if you put the series as it's listed in the directory!! I'm more of a gamer than anything these days, and I'm not at all familiar with most of today's popular anime). There are a lot of double decks and I'm not good at guessing games :(

- Also, please do not thread your comments. If you change your mind or decide you no longer want to exchange your cards, just delete your comment, and if necessary repost a brand new comment. or, you know, if you have a paid account now you can just edit your comment.

This will help things go more smoothly, so following the rules is very appreciated! Thank you ♥


updated to new randomizers
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