Scrambler 65

Sorry for missing last round, I've been sick and that can be distracting I also want to keep my biweekly at the same time so I don't forget about them. But I'm feeling better now, and I've mixed up 10 different Anime titles! For each one that you unscramble, you will get a random card, for a max of 10 cards! Also if you get all 10 correct, you get 2 stars as a bonus! Also because I missed last round, you will also get a Bronze cert if you can unscramble at least 5. So the max prize for this round is 10 random cards, 2 stars and a bronze cert! This round will close March 10th 2010 and your prizes have a high chance of being late because of Final Fantasy XIII. Good luck!

1. nmat plufa llcei
2. ienedre
3. oe rntoohyo tgrmbi
4. arehnhxpo
5. lsllifeue mhatmltac
6. atg anmi
7. aekb tpis
8. mtehstn rlueeen
9. esnriae: hstursvab cocrorile
10. odht te sef neea

All comments are screened, good luck

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Dark//It ends tonight.

Anime Trivia Round119

Happy Belated Valentine's Day to you all and also Happy Chinese New Year to those of you who celebrate it (like me). Hope you're all enjoying the 2010 Winter Olympics too!
In the manga, Handsome Girlfriend, what favor does Mio ask of Teru?

Answers are due by February 22, 2010 if you wish to receive 3 random cards. :)

Last round was Mazinger Z.
Shitenhouji → Summer

Guess the Mecha round 15

Ho shit. Lookit that thing. I wonder what it is called. Can you tell me the name of that mecha? If you do, you get 4 random cards and a bronze certificate. You have to tell me by February 21, 2010 Asia time or not cards for you!

Last Round: Lancelot piloted by Suzaku Kururugi from Code Geass!
Hiruma//Risky business

Distorted! Round105

Sorry about lateness. LJ keeps giving me this thing about my post+user combo being maxed out or something. @_@

Alright so have fun with THIS one, guys! I decided to start you guys off a little easy, but this might get a little harder with the more rounds we get through. :)

You'll get 2 random cards and 1 bronze cert if you get this right by February 9, 2010.

Freebie 58

There are fairies flying around and they love to give people cards! If you leave a comment on this post then I'm sure they will be happy to give you 2 random cards! February 16th 2010 The fairies have already left, closed! is the day they fly away though, so get your comment in before then.

Matching 64

Wanted, the following cards have commited the crime of coming up from the randomizer. If you have any of them, please show them to me. You will be rewarded for your time, the more you match the better the prize. But you need to show them before February 16th 2010 to get the reward.

Bio06 Protect01 Astale06 Gitane09 Means03
Bio06, Protect01, Astale06, Gitane09, Means03

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Good luck! Remember that cards pending in the cert exchange are not counted as having the card.
NobuHachi//Just for this moment

Anime Trivia Round117

Yeah I read this series in 2 days...(I have no life)
In the manga, Kimi ni Todoke, what do Sawako and Kazehaya name the puppy they find?

The correct answer earns you 3 random cards, but only if you get it in by February 8, 2010.

(psst for anyone that's read up to ch. 35, I'm twitching right now. This relationship is taking too long lol)
Shitenhouji → Summer

Scenic Route round 33

Guess what time it is? It's Scenic Route time! The tcg game where you tell me the name of the anime the above picture/scene is from! If you can give me the correct title, I'll give you 4 random cards and a bronze certificate! There is a catch though. If your answers are not in by February 7, 2010 Asia time, no prizes for you!

Last Round: FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood!